Tesla Paint Correction And Ceramic Coating Services In Broward County

Teslas have become incredibly popular in recent years. It is not uncommon for anyone driving around South Florida to spot a Tesla Model X, Model S or Model 3.

Over the course of my years in business, I have put together an extensive portfolio of proven paint correction, ceramic coating and detailing work on a wide variety of Tesla Automobiles.

Protective Ceramic Coatings For Your Tesla

Now that we know these incredible electric vehicles are here to stay and that you will be owning yours for many years, protecting the long-term integrity and value of your Tesla becomes extremely important.

A professionally installed Ceramic Coating will provide top-tier protection from the harmful elements, ensuring your Tesla looks amazing for years to come.

Paint Correction For Your Tesla

Even if you have taken care of your electric vehicle, you may notice that the exterior finish may be looking a little dull or tired.

Paint Correction is the meticulous, time-consuming process of removing defects in your vehicles paint, restoring jaw-dropping gloss and truly making it feel new again.

South Florida Tesla Vehicle Detailing

Teslas need to be cleaned, just like any other vehicle. But your Tesla isn’t just “any other vehicle”. And Day Off Detailing goes far beyond your typical “car wash”.

Detailing packages that ensure proper care is taken to clean your vehicle along with protection applications to your vehicles surfaces is the key to keeping your Tesla looking fresh.