Protect Your Investment

Day Off Detailing originated with an enthusiasm to restore cars and trucks to “better than new” condition.

I am obsessive about my work and spend many hours on even basic detailing packages and many more on paint correction and ceramic coating packages.

With each detail, my goal at Day Off Detailing is to deliver first-class results that exceed your expectations.


LEVEL 1/ENHANCEMENT – Cars $400 | Midsize $450 | Oversize $500

The Enhancement Exterior Detail is designed to recondition your vehicles exterior, leaving your paintwork extremely clean, slick and shiny.

– All exterior surfaces are thoroughly cleansed with a foam pre-soak and 3 bucket wash method.
– Wheels, wheel wells and tires thoroughly cleansed. Tires dressed with water-based, no-sling tire dressing.
– Exhaust tips are polished to remove carbon buildup and restore brilliant shine.
– Paint is treated to a 2-step decontamination to remove bugs, tar and road grime, leaving the paint feeling smooth and free of bonded contaminants.
– Door jambs degreased and cleaned.
– Glass cleaned streak-free.
– An extensive single-step paint correction process is performed to remove significant swirl marks, light to medium scratches, oxidation and other defects to restore jaw-dropping gloss.
– GTechniq Liquid Crystal C2V3 applied to paint for added gloss, hydrophobic properties and protection for up to 6 months.

Service Recommendation: A yearly service on well-kept vehicles that are exposed to the elements frequently or vehicles being prepared for sale to maximize value. THIS IS OUR BASELINE PACKAGE.

*All pricing is subject to vehicle inspection.


*Interior details are only available as an “add-on” to a paint correction, ceramic coating or Enhancement exterior detail service. They are NOT offered as a stand-alone service.

LEVEL 1/REFRESH – Cars $100 | Midsize $125 | Oversize $150

You maintain your vehicles interior but want a professional touch.

– Seats, rubber floor mats, dashboard, steering wheel wiped down and lightly reconditioned.
– Cupholders, vents, door panels and console and crevices wiped down and lightly reconditioned.
– Interior thoroughly vacuumed.
– Interior glass cleaned streak-free.

LEVEL 2/REJUVENATE – Cars $200 | Midsize $225 | Oversize $250

A more intense service designed for more neglected interiors, to achieve a deeper level of interior decontamination and reconditioning.

– Leather seats and steering wheel cleaned and nourished.
– Interior plastics, trim and vinyl cleaned and conditioned.
– Rubber floor mats and dashboard cleaned and conditioned.
– Cupholders, vents, door panels and console cleaned and conditioned.
– All cracks and crevices tended to.
– Mild carpet shampoo and extraction.
– Mild odor treatment.
– Interior thoroughly vacuumed.
– Interior glass cleaned streak-free.

*All pricing is subject to vehicle inspection.


Auto Detailing can encompass such a wide array of different services – it’s tough to include them all in packaged detail.

These services can be added to any packaged detail or performed as a stand-alone service.

If you are interested in a service that is not listed, please do not hesitate to ask. I will do my best to accommodate your needs or connect you with a local professional who can.


Having your engine bay properly detailed not only looks great, but it also helps fight potential corrosion and deterioration of finishes as well. A great add-on service for anyone looking to sell their vehicle. Due to the nature of this service, this option is only available when added to one of our other detail packages.


As a vehicle starts to age, continued exposure to the sun can start to have a major impact on the various pieces of black exterior plastic trim. Ideal for bumpers, trim, mud flaps, wiper blades, and more. The result is an attractive matte finish that restores the original luster to the trim.


Headlight restoration is a multi-stage process, removing headlight oxidation and restoring lens clarity. On top of drastically improving visibility at night, this service significantly improves the overall appearance of your vehicle.