Drive Protected With Proper Aftercare

Congratulations on your new ceramic coating! You’ve invested in long-term protection for your vehicle – now you want to know how to care for your vehicle moving forward.

We should start with one simple guideline that may surprise you:

In general, you care for your Ceramic Coating in the same way as you care for your vehicle’s factory paint.

Everything starts with proper car-washing technique.


This involves using two car wash buckets, each with Grit Guards.

In this set up you have two buckets, one with your car wash soap, and one with pure rinse water.

The idea behind the two-bucket method is very simple. Once you have washed a panel with your wash media, before placing your mitt in your car wash solution, rinse the mitt thoroughly in your rinse water. Agitate the media against the Grit Guard in your rinse bucket to loosen dirt and debris potentially caught in your wash media, trapping it at the bottom of the bucket.

This will reduce the possibility of reintroducing debris that has been removed from the car back onto the paint.

The process will look like this: Wash panel, Rinse wash media, Dip wash media into car wash solution, Wash next panel, repeat.

Wash your vehicle regularly!
Ceramic coatings mean EASY MAINTENANCE, not NO MAINTENANCE. Even with a quality ceramic coating, it is important to wash your vehicle’s exterior regularly.

Don’t wash your vehicle in direct sunlight or while the paint is hot.
Direct sunlight and extremely hot paint can lead to rapid evaporation of water which could potentially contribute to water spots. Personally, I find the best times to wash a vehicle are early in the AM and late in the afternoon.

Wheels first!
Typically, your wheels will be the dirtiest part of your vehicle. Get your wheels clean before moving on to your painted surfaces.

Rinse your vehicle thoroughly.
Before washing your vehicle, a thorough pre-rinse will help remove as much loose dirt and debris as possible. Doing this before touching your vehicle with your wash media will reduce the likelihood of anything getting trapped under your wash media, resulting in swirl marks.

Use a premium wash media and drying towel.
There are many options on the market. I will include a list of suggested products that I use on my personal vehicles as well as for my clients. The key is always making sure both are clean before using them.

Use a quality car wash soap.
A quality car wash soap provides sufficient lubrication and will be best suited for breaking down dirt and debris on your vehicle, reducing the possibility of introducing swirls back into your paint. Household cleaning agents (including dish soap) can damage your finish and are not designed for washing cars.

Wash one section at a time.
Working one section at a time reduces the possibility of getting debris in your mitt, resulting in swirl marks.

Don’t let your vehicle air dry.
Allowing a vehicle to air dry can and will result in water-spotting.  A premium drying towel or air blower are good drying options. NO LEATHER SHAMMIES.

NO AUTOMATIC CAR WASHES! Avoid dealership car washes.
Under no circumstances whatsoever, do not take your vehicle through an automated car wash. The brushes will put swirl marks and deep scratches into your vehicles finish. Incorrectly diluted chemicals that are extremely concentrated can also result in chemical stains in your finish. Most dealerships use automatic car washes as well. And if they don’t, their “detailers” aren’t taking the proper precautions when washing your vehicle.


We recommend using premium quality wash media and chemicals. Here are some that we use and highly recommend:

Buckets can be found locally (Home Depot/Lowes).

Grit Guards: Grit Guards

Grit Guards will help remove and trap dirt and debris in your wash mitt, effectively reducing the likelihood of reintroducing swirls and scratches into the paint.

Wash Media: GTechniq Microfiber Wash Mitt

Extremely soft and gentle on your vehicle’s paintwork.

Drying Towel: Gyeon Silk Drying Towel

Holds a ton of water and is extremely soft and gentle on your vehicle’s paintwork.

Car Wash Soap (Regular Maintenance Washes): GTechniq GWash

Highly concentrated and produces rich foam and suds.

Car Wash Soap (Once Every 3 Months) : GTechniq Ceramic GWash

Designed to maintain and boost your existing GTechniq Ceramic Coating.

Drying Aid: GTechniq Quick Detailer

GTechniq WD is used during the drying process to lubricate the drying towels, minimizing the chance of towel-induced marring, while also adding shine and slickness. Can be applied to all exterior surfaces of the vehicle during the drying process.